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Salient Features :-
  • Basically used for soft drink industry
  • Maximum Temperature obtainable is 2° C.
  • Split system, Site installation is required
  • Unit can work up to 48° C. Ambient temperature
  • Available in Air/ Water Cooeld Systems . Open space is required for cooling tower, connected pipe-line and extra Water circulating pump is required
  • Compact skid mounted water chiller system, ready to install
  • Quick chilling is ensured with shell and tube type evaporators/plate type heat exchanger/ tube in tube type s.s. evaporator
  • Hermetic sealed / Semi-hermetic / open type Reciprocating/ Screw/ scroll compressors with internal over load protection
  • The unit designed and manufactured as per customers specifications.
  • Power saving systems is designed with energy efficiency ratio
  • Unit is equipped with insulated S.S. water tank
  • Special device is fitted to avert high/low voltage, phase failure and change of phase
  • Maintenance free centrifugal water pumps are used
  • Digital display temperature controller is provided to display and maintain accurate temperature in the system
  • Hermetic Sealed KIRLOSKAR Copeland Compressor is used in the package type air-cool chilling unit
  • Options are available for chilling the water with hard Plate Type Heat Exchanger/Shell and Tube chillertube in tube type s.s. evaporator in package type chilling units
  • Options are available to provide separate water pump between heat exchanger to Tank and Equipment to avoid the pressure drop in the systems
  • Volt Meter, Pressure Gauges are optional on demand
  • Our prompt service-after-sale is added advantage to the users of our products at all times
  • Gaskated Plate type heat exchangers are used in secondary circuit

Online ChillersOnline ChillersOnline Chiller

Sr No.
Model No
Cooling Capacity in K.Cal/ Hr.
Operating Voltage range
Supply Water Temperature
100Ltrs/ Hrs
5 H.P.
380 - 440 V
30°C - 3°C
200Ltrs/ Hrs
8 H.P.
380 - 440 V
30°C - 3°C
300Ltrs/ Hrs
10 H.P.
380 - 440 V
30°C - 3°C
400Ltrs/ Hrs
12 H.P.
380 - 440 V
30°C - 3°C
500Ltrs/ Hrs
16 H.P.
380 - 440 V
30°C - 3°C
600Ltrs/ Hrs
20 H.P.
380 - 440 V
30°C - 3°C
1000Ltrs/ Hrs
35 H.P.
380 - 440 V
30°C - 3°C