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Cold stream Offer wide range of Oil Coolers, in standard as well as custom built sizes to suit specific customer requirements. The design and fabrication is done under strict supervision of a team of qualified and experienced engineers, to ensure long, trouble free and desired performance from the equipment.

Types :-

Oil Coolers are offered in two basic types :-

Type Water Cooled Oil Coolers are widely used in industry where water in reasonably good quality is available at low cost.

Type Air Cooled Oil coolers are used where water availability is scarce and expensive. Although this type of coolers require a higher initial investment than its water-cooled counterpart, maintenance and operating costs are usually low.


Oil Coolers are used for various application involving cooling of Oils such as :-

Hydraulic Oil Cooling : in Hydraulic Machines to maintain proper viscosity of the Hydraulic Oil by maintaining the Oil temperature within limits.

Quenching Oil Cooling : in oil quenching systems to maintain the quenching oil bath temperature below specified levels to ensure the desired properties of metal being quenched
Shell and Tube Type Condensors
Shell and Tube Type Condensors