Tube Type Chillers from Cold Stream

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Material Of Construction (MOC) : -
  • - Shell: - MS ERW pipes or rolled from MS plates
  • Tubes: - Integrally finnel copper tubes
  • Tube Sheets: - MS plate
  • Water end covers: - Cast iron or MS

Connections: -

  • Shell side: MS Pipe with companion flanges.
  • Tube side: Threaded holes in cast iron covers.
  • Painting: Synthetic enamel paint after two coats of red oxide primer.
Pressure testing: -

  • Shell side:- 350 psi - Pneumatic
  • Tube side: -150 psi - Hydraulic

  • Special Condensers: -Our Standard condensers are designed & fabricated as per good engineering practice. However we can provide you condensers as per design codes IS, ASME & TEMA. We can also provide you condensers with other materials such as stainless steel tubes or shells for various applications in chemical process industries.
Shell and Tube Type Condensors
Shell and Tube Type Condensors