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Refrigeration is the process of removing heat from substances under controlled conditions. Mechanical refrigeration system consists of four major components i.e. Compressor, Evaporator, Condenser and Refrigerant metering device The compressor is the heart of refrigeration system. It pumps heat through the system in the form of heat-laden refrigerant. It reduces the pressure on the low-pressure side which includes evaporator & increases the pressure in the high pressure side. This creates refrigerant  flow from low pressure side to high pressure side.

The most common compressors used in refrigeration are Reciprocating , scroll, screw-driven centrifugal. With various refrigerants chillers Used in industry
In industrial application, chilled water or other liquid from the chiller is pumped through process. Industrial chillers are used for cooling of products and factory machinery in a wide range of industries.

They are often used in the plastic industry in plastic processing like injection molding, blow molding, extruders, laminations, p.p. films, Rigid P.V.C. pipe, Calendars, chemicals, Pharmaceutical process, Dyes intermediates, Mineral water soda process, paper converting, Coating chill rolls, Plating and anodizing, Lubricants/oil cooling, Dairy, Bakery, Food Products, Dehumidifier, Conditioned air, welding equipment, cement processing, vacuum systems, X-ray diffraction, analytical equipment, compressed air and gas cooling.

Chillers are usually small in size (cooling capacity), usually from 1 tons to 100 tons
Central chillers generally have capacities ranging from ten tons to hundreds or thousands of tons
Water chillers can be either water cooled or air-cooled. water cooled chillers offer efficiencies better than air cooled  is due to heat rejection at or near the air's wet-bulb temperature rather than the higher, dry-bulb temperature but it is used in conjunction with cooling tower

Salient features

1. Compact skid mounted water chiller system, ready to install

2. Quick chilling is ensured with shell and tube type evaporators/plate type heat exchanger/ tube in tube type s.s. evaporator.

3. Hermetic sealed / Semi-hermetic / open type Reciprocating/ Screw/ scroll compressors with internal over load protection.

4. The unit designed and manufactured as per customers specifications.

5. Power saving systems is designed with energy efficiency ratio.

6. Unit is equipped with insulated S.S. water tank having overflow and make-up water connection.

7. Special device is fitted to avert high/low voltage, phase failure and change of phase.

8. Maintenance free centrifugal water pumps are used.

9. Digital display temperature controller is provided to display and maintain accurate temperature in the system.

10. Hermetic Sealed KIRLOSKAR Copeland Compressor is used in the package type air-cool chilling unit.

11. Options are available for chilling the water with hard Copper Coil immersed in the water  tank/ Plate Type Heat Exchanger/Shell and Tube chiller/ tube in tube type s.s. evaporator in package type chilling units.

12. Options are available to provide separate water pump between heat exchanger to Tank and Equipment to avoid the pressure drop in the systems.

13. Volt Meter, Pressure Gauges are optional on demand.

14. Our prompt service-after-sale is added advantage to the users of our products at all  times.

15. Plate type heat exchangers are used in online water chilling

  • Designed as per customer specification and requirement.
  • Copper tube sheets for condensers and liquid cooler ensures compact size, less plant
    room space.
  • Factory built and factory tested, minimum work at site.
  • Suitable for any application and for any refrigerant.
  • Durable, reliable, long life and quality oriented product.
  • Unit is painted for corrosion resistance.
  • Design for easy accessibility for inspection & maintenance.

Cold room

The versatile modular wake in cold rooms concept offer various advantages over "built in " conventional walk in . Salient features of cold rooms includes :

  • Tongue and groove sectional panel lock together quickly and simply, to form virtually any desire walk-in size.
  • Modular panel are easily disassembled, to enlarge or relocate for future requirement.
  • To retain the cooling capacity and freezer space, Tee section and vertical panel are used to partition the walk -in- cold room of space permit, another room could reading be added to create a dual temperature unit.
  • Available in the in a variety of Height and width dimensions walls ,floors, doors frames , door frames , door plugs , tee walls , corner & coiling.
  • Most advanced high quality insulation materials PUF to assure best insulating efficiency and uniform structure available in 60,80, 100,125mm thickness.
  • For different application different metal finish are used such as aluminum, pre painted steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, galvanized.
  • The posi-seal closure cushion the closing movement, shuts the door noiselessly and keep it firmly closed thus avoiding the cooling loss.
Sweep gaskets are used for air tight seal along the bottom of the door with a double sweep, which remains flexible under various temperature extremes and continual use.

Other feature includes :

a) View part to facilitate better view in side the cold room
b) Suction safety release.
c) Digital temperature indicator.
d) Interior and exterior ramp
e) Vapour proof light feature.
f) Cam-lock
g) Flush type door

Application areas :

Ice cream industries, Chemical industries, Pharmaceutical industries, Research industries, Research laboratories, Horticulture, Sericulture, Hospitals, fast foods, sea foods etc